Benefits of Payroll Outsourcing

Roskear Payroll Solution

Time saving

• No time spent keeping up to date with current HMRC Legislation.
• No time spent calculating net pay.
• No Year End Form printing, completion & filing.
• Reduced time spent on HMRC correspondence.
• Reduced time & space required maintaining Payroll Records.

Cost Saving

• No expense in purchasing & maintaining payroll software.
• No temporary staff requirements for holiday & sickness.
• No need to purchase & stock payroll stationery.
• BACS payments less expensive than bank on-line payments.
• Pre-agreed payroll operating costs for budgeting.


• Only authorised personnel will receive payroll information & reports.
• Full client confidentiality and records maintained by Roskear.


• Payroll service and reporting adapted to meet your company’s requirements.
• Payrolls available to include Weekly, 2, 4 weekly or Monthly Paid (Or any mix).
• Data received & sent by fax, post or e-mail as required.
• Additional reporting needs can be met.

By payroll outsourcing with Roskear, we will become your payroll solution ensuring that you and your staff have minimal concern over each pay day, allowing you to attend to key business matters.

Many organisations are surprised to find that our payroll outsourcing fees are much less than the real cost of their existing in-house payroll, so make Roskear your payroll outsourcing solution and let us relieve you of pay day and HRMC pressures.

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